Social Media & Freedom of Speech!

Social media is probably the best gift we are bestowed with in the technological era we are living in. It enhances the communication with receivers sitting in any corner of the world around the globe. It has it pros but not all the boons come sans cons. Social media can be called as equally powerful in creating pandemonium and sometimes extremely hatred between users on social media platforms such as networking websites like Facebook.

Now the reason why I reckon so is some latest encounters I’ve had on the social networking platforms. One day, I was going through a post about a celebrity on Twitter and I witnessed people not making just fun of him but they also crossed the limits of being called as civilized by calling him a dog/kutta. Now the question emerges again that could they say the same to him had he been in front of them? No. Not at all. They would rather take his autograph. But…..
Similarly, on another day, one such post flashed on Facebook via a newspaper page which had some particular political news. In the comment section when I tried commenting something, I realized that that particular topic was nowhere in the comments of the users but all that I witnessed was mincing words about each other’s religion which went on to become abuse about the different faiths and God(who is known by different names). Now I wondered could it really take place had these people been in front of each other or was it just the leverage of social media that enables us to say whatever we wish to or to express ourselves the way we want to? Certainly not. They might not have used such terminology and would have shown some restraint and even respect for each others faith.
Now the question is that is it good that we are gifted with so much of freedom on digital platform?
Internet and social media is something which makes the flow of knowledge and education incessant; it is a tool which I believe is matchless when it comes to communication with the mass but the irony of it is that some “educated” beings completely negate it by their acts. In such practise they not only just make an environment unpleasant for others but fill themselves as well with the retaliation of same intensity by them.
But more than this is that we can not forget that they also generate and give wrong messages and show wrong picture of religion, harmony and above all humanity to the youth which is oblivious of the real world facts and believes very readily what goes through the internet and particularly social media platforms. “THIS” may result in huge turbulence and turmoil in the society in future with next generation which we might not see today and it might be suicidal for us only.
Now this WE or THEY whom I’ve been indicating and have held responsible for “misusing” the social media are not alien beings. It’s people like YOU and ME who do it. We under the umbrella of liberty- that nobody is physically present in front of us or nobody is our acquaintance or knows us- express ourselves the way we feel which is something we couldn’t or still can’t do in the absence of social media platforms.  To some extent such anonymous expression is good but using it to  degrade someone is definitely not.
Now it’s upto us as to how we want to use this powerful tool of technology and education.  Are we gonna use it to bring a positive change in the society with mutual respect for all the beings irrespective of their caste, religion, appearance, colour &c or we are just going to tell the flaws of others by completely nullifying ours. Decision is ours… because it’ SOCIAL  media not SUICIDAL media!!!


  1. Daramemon says:

    U are so v right many lives have been destroyed b of social media families go our and respect somethings are better not seen or spoken yet caution is the only solution otherwise it’s unstoppable

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    1. Shekhar Srivastava says:

      It’s very important in fact to tell what social media is really good for or how can it be used well. Thanks for appreciation btw😊


      1. Daramemon says:

        Yes def but I was taking of its abuse and how the victims suffer and how law should apprehend otherwise hats off to social media

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      2. Shekhar Srivastava says:

        That’s of course right. Awareness regarding cyber laws and quick actions would do.


      3. Daramemon says:

        Thank u for making this issue so clear with ur blog

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      4. Shekhar Srivastava says:

        It’s my pleasure if I can do such a little work for others. Thanks a ton for appreciating😊


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