Ways to cope with stress and live happily!

1. Every problem has a solution and everyone has a problem- Everyone has problems. Literally everyone has problems, big or small. I have come across many articles and blogs telling how to cope with them and be happy. But there are some points I have not seen in many articles or maybe I didn’t come across articles having such points.

I would like to share those points with this piece of writing and I hope it will help those who are in need of it.

2. Avoid when you can- First thing first, many problems which we consider a big one are AVOIDABLE. Yes you read it right. many problems can be avoided in life but what do we do with them? we stick to them, keep on thinking about them and ruin our present for either past or for something which has no importance in life.
Example- break ups, or something “i should not have done”, “why someone commented on me?”, “why some kept garbage on my table?”, etc. The moment we start avoiding these things and start thinking about the things and people we HAVE in life, we feel rejuvenated, fresh and very much relieved.

3. Treasure what you HAVE- See what you have and not what you DON’T HAVE. Its right to be progressive in life but thinking about someone else’s palace, we should not ruin the peace and tranquility of our small but sweet home. Just look around. So many people don’t have many things that we have. Be thankful to the god if you believe in him or be thankful to your life for bestowing upon you things that you have.

Some people don’t have mother or father; some don’t have own house; some are not economically very strong; some don’t get to have an education; some don’t even have clothes to cover body and some do not even have basic necessities like water , transportation etc. But if we have anything mentioned above-even one- or anything alike; we should consider ourselves lucky because many people out there have nothing of them but still they are living happily or at least struggling with day to day life without complaining.

5. Learn to forgive- Ramayan, Gita, Quran, Bible- all the religious texts and all the religions teaches us to forgive others. Even if you do not believe in religion or god, just imagine how peaceful and serene life would be if you forgive others who did wrong to you.

Do not tolerate wrong acts but if you are losing your temper and mental peace just because you cant forgive someone in life, then try and forgive and you would definitely see a change in your life and will also feel a change within yourself.

6. Change your perception- Its the perception which makes us act or react in life in many situations. Problems are sometimes not as big as we think they are. Its just the perception in our minds which makes them big or small. Any problem might be as small as our assignments once were when we were in school but today they seem to be nothing.

Same way, all problems can be small if you have will power and you are optimistic. Remember the line from famous TV show-“Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”- Problems to hain sabke paas, bas najariye ki hai baat.

7. Think big- We are humans, the greatest creation of nature; the greatest creation according to many religious texts. No problem can be bigger than our strength. We all are individuals, we have an individual identity and importance. Don’t think yourself to be less than anything or anyone, even if you have any disability- physical, mental, emotional or any other.

We are born with a motive and we all are potential winners of battles of life.

8. Problems are our best friends- Yes you read it right because they make us what we become. Remember a diamond needs to be polished and then it becomes precious. An arrow needs to be pulled BACK to go FAR. A ball goes higher only when it is thrown with greater force on ground. Milk needs to be churned to get butter and that too both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Similarly we also need to have both goods and bads to have a nectar of life and to have a complete life.

9. Give happiness- Happiness is like shouting in a cave or in hills. The more we shout and that too in louder voice; the more it comes back with much intensity. Similarly if we give happiness to others-even small-it comes back to us in any other form and also much more than you gave.

Besides, it gives us the peace and mental satisfaction which we can’t buy with money.

10. Life gives second chance- We all get a second chance in life. Be it god, destiny or nature- they always provide us with a second chance. So there is no place in our life for pessimism or there is no need to think of our self as a loser.
No failure is ultimate, there is always a successful achievement hidden behind it.

11. Life means happiness- At last I would like to share that I have tried all these things in life and am still trying. I am not too old to see all the problems of life but I have seen ups and downs and that too major ones. I tried these ways when I faced depression and when I had chaos and tensions in life. But I feel I am blessed to come up with these points and I hope it will help the readers who need them and who practice them.

12. Be happy this moment…this moment is life- Do not forget that we are a part of this infinite creation and our problems can never be too big. Trust yourself and remember friends that YOU are- WE are- an important PART of this huge creation and we make this creation complete else we would not be here. Remember that this very moment is happiness, live this moment, it is a gift and that is probably the reason it is called a present. Be happy, live life. 🙂

God is watching us! Part 1

I’ll start with a short story. Once a blind beggar was begging in a train and when he passed by; a man on upper seat wished to give him some coins but was far so asked the man sitting beneath to pass the beggar the coins he wished to give. The man sitting beneath did so and passed the coins to the beggar. The beggar took it happily and said, “bhagwan apka bhala kare” ( may god bless you). Hearing this, the man sitting beneath who had just passed the coins to the beggar mocked at the man who actually gave the coins saying- “paise diye aapne aur dua mujhe mil gai”(money was given by you and blessings came to me)to the man. To this, the blind beggar said-“saahab andha Mai hun uparwala nahi”(sir it is I who is blind, not the God). To this the man got speechless. This is not just a story but the truth of the world today. These days, it has become very common thing that whatever we do in life or whatever action we take; many of those actions are taken by two reasons- either we want to impress someone or make them happy to get blessings(for our own benefit in return)or we do it to portray ourselves in a particular manner. This trait of humans has become not less than a fashion trend these days to do something and show or prove the world what we are and how we do what we do or what kind of person we are.Many people today do charities and post the pictures while doing so on social media platform. Many of them say that if we are doing charity or helping others then why can’t we expect some admiration and praise from others. Some of them say that if no one will witness us doing something for the welfare of others, then how will they get to know how humanitarian we actually are. Here comes the topic which I have dedicated this blog post of mine to. Actually someone always witness what we do and how we do it and besides all this what is the intention that we are having in our mind while doing anything. That being is known to us as the god almighty.


No matter what we do, or if we do it for someone else or ourselves, or we do it in seclusion or in front of thousands of people; someone always keeps a close watch on us and witness all our deeds and that being is god. Here some can argue that what about those who do not believe in god? The answer is that god always doesn’t mean that a superpower being is looking at you; this god has a deeper meaning. That god sometimes is our conscience-our mind’s power to tell what is right and what is wrong. No matter how secluded we are, this self conscience always keeps a close watch on us and not only does it tells us what is right or wrong but it also enables us to feel extremely powerful while getting involved in philanthropy. Similarly if we are taking any action to make someone happy or just to impress someone or to portray ourselves in a particular manner, this self conscience tells us that it is wrong no matter how desperately we want to do it. But all this realization happens with us only when we are self aware and know how to demarcate wrong from right. The gist is that our actions should not be based on our desire to portray ourselves in specific way or to take it just to impress others for their happiness and blessing or favors by them in return. It also should not be just for getting the desired result from the god. It solely should be based after analytic scrutiny that whatever we are doing is justified and good and in case of charity or philanthropy, whatever we are doing is for other person’s welfare who is concerned and not for “our” benefit. If the inner self tells us that yes this is right then do it and if no, then don’t do it. There is no need to show or prove it to someone all this while because our god always watches us and our conscience knows whether our actions are right or wrong and it is our god who blesses us for our deeds and not the people concerned or other spectators.

God is watching us! Part-2

Whenever you’re sad remember someone’s watching you who laughs when you laugh smiles when you smile and feels devastated when you feel sad and what to say about his mental condition when you are depressed. Remember he loves you so much that he keeps an eye on you even when you are asleep. I know he does all these things. He is God. You may call him by different names as per your ideology and religion.

When he created us all with nature and all other creatures; he had done so so that we can enjoy it all with each other. It was all like a game, he made us forget him; that he only had sent us all, that he had played a game that we have to find him without knowing that he only had sent us. It was the task of game that we should find him. He-known for his mischievous behaviour-however created some twists. He created some good things some bad. He created wealth fame fortune along with penury darkness and doom. He created some more illusion(with his maaya) and created bonds that are almost impossible to get rid of. He created parents friends husband wife children and so many other bonds.

But then something very saddening happened. These hurdles and illusion didnt remain just what they were meant for. They took some other shape. We all suddenly got so busy in all these illusions that we all forgot him. He kept on waiting for us to remember him from heart but he couldn’t find us. He kept on waiting but couldn’t see us returning home. He couldn’t see us realising what he had sent us here for. He couldn’t even call us back as that could’ve broken the rule that we have to be here according to our karmas.


Things then started assuming worst possible overtone. We humans started playing with the creation he had made with so much affection. We started annihilating not only what he had made with so much effort and love but we started subjugating other species weaker than us. And we still are sad.

We get affected from what not. Not getting good marks in school so attempting suicide, not getting good college hence weeping, not getting good lucrative job so getting depressed, lover is leaving us so devastated is our life, then not getting love is again a problem. Even if we get rid of all this then our children not getting good school is again a problem and this cycle keeps on going as it is going on since time immemorial.

Only he knows how many millions billions and trillions of years passed but we humans-no matter how boastful of our intelligence we are- couldn’t find our way back.
He’s still waiting. Not complaining not shouting not arguing not creating disturbance in the rules of game. But he is the one who created us from the part of his soul. His soul is connected with ours. He feels very sad when we cry and weeps for us. He smiles when we enjoy our life. He gets very disturbed when sees that we are upset because of someone our something. He feels helpless when he sees us doing things that keeps us under the illusion which doesn’t let us leave the circle of life and death.

So next time when you’re sad or you feel devastated remember someone is watching you feeling more mournful than you. When you do anything bad to anyone remember he’s feeling bad because he’s in every soul. And remember when you are happy next time, God is happier than you. So never be sad never retaliate negatively to hurt anyone.

Never hurt and destroy the other creations of God. And very importantly never be sad because problems are transient and work as a learning experience.