Why Hanumanji is worshipped on Saturdays? Relationship between Hanumanji and Shanidev!

Amongst multiple religions around the world, Hinduism holds its unique place – like each of those others. But being a religion of multiple deities, we have specifically, cleanly and beautifully divided the days for the worship of some deities. One of those is Lord Hanuman whose day it is believed is Tuesday. But, almost everyone who believes in Hanumanji knows that he is worshipped on Saturdays too.

Faith isn’t dependent on logic, and that being there, many of us, especially from the young generation do not know why we worship Hanumanji on Saturdays. And THAT is what I will be writing about today.

So there are two theories as to why Saturdays are believed to be a special day to get blessings and boons of Hanumanji.

Here is the first!


Hanumanji and Suryadev, his teacher: 

Hanumanji was the son of a Vaanar chief Kesari and his wife Anjana. Strong and mighty Hanuman when grew up, was sent to Suryadev, Lord Sun to receive the education and knowledge which is in the immense form with Lord Sun it is believed.

Suryadev, The Sun God - Guru of Hanumanji
Suryadev – the Sun God, guru of Hanumanji

After completing the education and receiving all the divine knowledge that Suryadev bestowed upon him, he asked Lord Sun to ask him to grant a Guru Dakshina to the former(Lord Sun); Guru Dakshina being an integral part of the ancient Indian education system in which a disciple after the completion of education gives something to the guru, the spiritual master. Dejected and despondent Lord Sun told his excellent and obedient student that the only sorrow of his life is his son Shani (Shanidev or Lord Shani – who later got referred as the savior of justice). Suryadev told Hanumanji that Shani is a disobedient son, and is full of pride and arrogance owing to his power to destroy anything with just one glimpse. All he (Suryadev) wants is that his son’s pride should be contained. If that is done, nothing more will be there that Suryadev could desire. Hanumanji obliged and flew with the wind-speed towards the abode of Shanidev. He defeated many Grah and other servants of Shanidev in his way and finally after a duel with Shanidev, defeated the latter. Pleased with Hanuman’s might and thankful to him for repressing his pride, Shanidev granted a boon to Hanumanji that although the day of Shanivar(Saturday) is his, anyone who will worship Hanumanji on that day and will ask for his forgiveness for any wrongdoing, Shanidev won’t even touch the happiness of that devotee, let alone be harming them. From that day onwards, Saturday got special status for all Hanumanj’s devotees and those too, who want to get rid of punishments inflicted by Shanidev.


Now, coming to the second story.


Hanumanji, Ravana, and Shanidev:

All of us who have ever heard of the story of Ramayana or seen the serials or movies on this epic have seen how Hanumanji burnt the golden palaces of Lanka(now Sri Lanka) when he reached there in search of Maa Sita to give information to Lord Rama about the place where Ravana, the demon king, the Asura had kept Maa Sita as a hostage. And also, that before burning the golden palaces of Lanka, he was presented as a prisoner in front of Ravana, and there was given an order that let his tail be burnt. BUT, fewer people know that something of very very crucial importance also occurred when Hanumanji reached Ravana’s court.

It is believed that Ravana was so powerful, that he had held as captive all the 9 planets (Nav Grahas) including Shanidev in his court and they were there, in a humiliating state. When Hanumanji reached there, all the planets paid their obeisance to Hanuman including Shanidev. Hanumanji freed those planets and Shanidev as well from Ravana’s captivity.

In some versions, it is said that Ravana would keep Shanidev as a dais, a low platform and would keep his feet on Shanidev’s back. Not only to humiliate Shanidev but also to save himself from the crooked vision of Shanidev which can bring bad-luck and destruction to anyone that it falls upon.

Shanidev in the feet of Raavan. Courtesy: Sagar Films
Shanidev in the feet of Ravana. Courtesy: Sagar Films

The moment Hanumanji reached the court of Hanumanji, it is believed that Shanidev lifted his head and looked at Hanumanji and then Ravana. Hanumanji was immune to his vision as Brahmaji gave him a boon that no power of destruction could ever affect Hanuman; but it is said that Ravana’s bad luck begun the moment Shanidev’s eyes, his vision fell on him. And after that, due to that vision, the whole Lanka got burnt, and eventually all the sons of Ravana and his army got defeated and completely annihilated from the hands of Lord Rama and his Vaanar Sena.


Shree Ram Killing The Demon King Ravana
Lord Rama ji killing Demon King Ravana


Now coming back to our story; when Hanumanji freed all the planets and Shanidev from Ravana’s captivity, Shanidev granted him a boon that he, along with Shanidev will be worshipped on Saturdays, and anyone who will worship him will always be saved from the anger of Shanidev.

And here we are, visit any temple of Hanumanji on Saturday and you will see people offering him laddoos, orange vermillion, flag, and a lot more things. Not only that, but also, if you visit any temple of Shanidev, you will often find an idol of Hanumanji near him, and people worshipping him too, especially on Saturdays.

Hanumanji and Shanidev in temples
Hanumanji and Shanidev in temples

Fascinating isn’t it? That’s the culture of Hinduism – full of tales that will not be dependent on rationality but pure love, and that is the culture of India – land of purity, love and immense affection for all the beings!

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Thanks and have a great day. God bless you all! 🙂