‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ is a proof our society is changing positively

An actress of 42 is romancing an actor of 33! Isn’t it something we come across quite rarely in Bollywood? And even if we do, the movie is either an “artistic” one or it’s not shown in a very conventional manner like other b-town movies depict. In short we’ve never had an out and out commercial masala entertainer with this “older woman-young man” element before. Contrary to this, Karan Johar’s next directorial venture ‘Ae dil hai mushkil'(ADHM) shows our very own beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bacchan romancing our youth icon Ranbir Kapoor. The sizzling chemistry between Mrs Bacchan and Mr Kapoor is ready to break the stereotype that tells us that only a 50 plus male actor can romance a lady who’s in her 20s or even less than that. It’s not just the romance but also the passionate intimacy between them which is worth noticing as married actresses are always forbidden to show such intimacy on screen.

Now it’s not just that. Coming out of the reel world of cinema, it’s a kind of taboo for a man to have an affair with an older woman and vice versa in our society. Even if it’s been shown in the movies, the movies are either rejected by the audiences or it’s shown as illicit or a part of infidelity. But with this movie, I can’t see people even raising that point of age gap between the lead pair. In fact the pairing seems to be extremely fresh to us all. The hype and craze of the movie shows that audience is more than  just ready to accept the lead pair ignoring the age factor which has been hitherto a very important aspect of our movies. If it’s not the changed perspective of our society on relationships then what else is this!
Also, it seems that this movie will touch more mature issues as seen in the teaser how four people and their lives are intertwined with each other. Keeping in mind all these aspects it is very much clear that we are evolving and so is our Bollywood which is seen as the mirror of our society. Showing such mature overtone in the movie proves that our society is growing up and accepting the fact that relationships are much more than age or other such factors.
Well that’s not a very astonishing fact actually as it’s a Kjo movie and he’s known to break stereotypes in Bollywood be it making a movie on terrorism like My name is khan, or on homosexuality like Dostana or Kapoor&sons. So kudos to Kjo and let’s just wait for ADHM to witness how many other stereotypes are ready to be broken in terms of relationships and their depth. Till then enjoy the beautiful heart touching soulful music of the movie and have fun. 😉😉😉

Most underrated yet immensely talented actor-Urmila Matondkar

Her acting  skill is phenomenal. Her dancing is the expression of passion and fire she has in her mind and soul. Her moves touches you. She’s one of the most prolific and complete actor Indian cinema has ever produced or I should better say Indian cinema has ever had the opportunity to work with. She’s none other than Urmila Matondkar.
When a sweet little girl Urmila first appeared in Shekhar Kapoor’s classic masterpiece masoom, her performance accorded her special attention and love from the audience but never had the world realized what gem of film industry they are having the extreme privilege of looking at.

Urmila made her debut as an adult in Bollywood with narsimha which was a commercial success but the movie didn’t do much to propel her career and she was just received as another newcomer but few years later in the year 1995, Ramgopal Varma made romantic rangeela with her and this was the movie which happened to be the spur to her career.
With rangeela’s success and Matondkar’s highly appreciated performance and specially because of her acting skills she became Ramgopal Varma’s prodigy.
Her next Ramgopal Varma movie daud couldn’t create the magic of rangeela although. But she had become the sex symbol of b-town till now. With rangeela’s sizzling dance moves and daud’s steamy show, she proved that she’s not made for the stereotypes albeit she had a  successful movie like judaai as well in her bag. But her next Ramgopal movie satya showed her in a completely different light altogether. As a Marathi girl who lives in a chawl, she lived her role to its fullest and convinced the audience that they have seen just one side of this diva.
But what left the audiences utterly awestruck was her next Ramgopal movie kaun which showcased her deft  acting  talents like never before. She plays the role of a psycho serial killer  in this flick,  who’s mentally ill and  wreaks havoc on a fierce stormy night. After this, there was no looking back for miss Matondkar as her next ventures specially those which portrayed her  in the most unconventional manner garnered her  many accolades that an actor wishes for. Her  performance as a vulnerable girl next door in jungle, portrayal of an obsessive lover in pyar tune kya kiya or role of a possessed woman in bhoot proves that she’s one of the most finest actresses of the country who can get inside the soul of  each character that she plays. At this point of her career people started believing that her days are over now and she can’t do any better in her career than she previously did.
This was the time for Urmila to get back with a bang. Extremely versatile Urmila played the role a village belle this time-in pinjar– who has been abducted and is forced to live away from her family in the direst circumstances. Urmila played her role in an extraordinarily understated way and her subtle performance again won many hearts.
In her next  movie she played a role which not only proved that she’s a great actor but also that she’s a one man show. The movie was ek haseena thi and this time she played the role of an innocent girl who after being cheated by her boyfriend-which landed her in jail-turns out be an extremely shrewd avenger. After this Urmila did movies like bas ek pal and garnered critical accolade as well but this was the point when she started maintaining distance from movies. The reason might be the lack of  similar scripts that she has liked in her career. Whatever the reason is, Urmila has been one of the greatest actresses of our time and at the same time most underrated actress according to me. She has been regarded as a fine actress but with the kind of performances that she has given back to back, she deserves recognition more than that and more than many actresses of Bollywood.
There is no doubt that being such an actress with perfection in every role she has not been given much acclaim than she deserves but this is also a fact that Urmila is known as a great actress to all those who like movies with great performances and a gripping plot. Urmila is happily married  now and all that we can do is to wait for her to come back with her extreme talents in her second innings. Till then,  if you haven’t seen her  best movies yet  then do watch and enjoy the showcase of talent,  titillating beauty and beautiful innocence of a gorgeous diva called Urmila.