Best laptops to buy currently 

Technology is ever-growing and innovation is ever-changing, so it is always better to watch out for what you are buying when it comes to a gadget like a laptop! So many brands, so many features…urghhhh. That might be the reaction of many of you before choosing a right laptop. Don’t worry. I bring you today the list of laptops which are a blend of features and performance. Check them out and I’m sure you would end up buying one.


It is undoubtedly one of the best Ultrabooks to look for. With 5th generation Intel core i7 processor, it comes with RAM of 8GB. Its screen resolution is 3200*1800p with 13.3 inch display and its six cell battery on board makes it provide a 12 hours of on time. With such features, US305LA-FB055T is one of the laptops you can definitely give a try and have a best use of any type. What’s your take?
Apple MacBook Air 13

A name that does not need any intro when it comes to technology and unrivalled features, MacBook Air 13 comes with Intel core i5 processor and has a confluence of 4 GB RAM and 256 PCIe based flash storage. One more thing which Apple makes perfectly is definitely the trackpads and keyboards in the laptop market and that is true in case of MacBook Air 13 as well. But you know what is best in it? It can be worked upon for 11 hours after one charge making it best with battery life and one of the best in market to go for. So what are you thinking?
Dell XPS 13

Stated by many gadget gurus to be the best laptop to buy this year, Dell XPS 13 has been appreciated all over the globe and has beautiful look and great features. Powered with 5th generation Intel core i5 processor, it can last up to 10 long hours or more after single charging. Isn’t that great? That definitely isn’t enough as its machined aluminum look with carbon fiber palm rest and a glass trackpad makes it really irresistible and tempts one to readily grab it. What you think about it?

HP Spectre 360

If the look can kill you, then HP Spectre 360 is what you are looking for. It is perfectly crafted, has slim profile and offers somewhat similar spec sheet to Dell XPS 13. With 13.3 inch screen and 2560*1440 pixel screen resolution, this laptop comes with latest generation hardware. But what is most striking and appealing about HP Spectre is that its display can be rotated to make it useable like a tablet as it comes with a flexible hinge. What is your take on this beautiful and advance gadget?

HP Envy 14-joo8tx

With HP Envy 14-joo8tx, HP has another of its laptop in the list of laptops to buy this year. This device by HP comes with 12 GB RAM and is powered with Intel core i7 processor. This one is also a boon for game freaks out there as it has Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 4GB DDR3 GPU to handle the graphics which is compatible with most of the games. With 14 inch display, it is one of the best laptops to have this year.

So this was my list of best laptops you can grab currently which are best in terms of technology, features, looks and above all, performance. You can have a look and choose the best according to your need and usage. So buy your one among the best ones and don’t forget to share your opinions as to how you liked my views on laptops to buy this year.