Ankur….a movie that changed the meaning of “Cinema”…


Ankur-The Seedling(color)

Year of release: 1974

Starring: Anant Nag

Shabana Azmi

Sadhu Meher

Priya Tendulkar

Kader Ali Beg

Dalip Tahil

Music: Vanraj Bhatia

Written by: Shyam Benegal

Satyadev Dubey

Cinematography: Govind Nihalani

Kamath Ghanekar

Producers: Lalit M. Bijlani, Freni Variava: Blaze Film Enterprises

Director: Shyam Benegal

Running time: 125 minutes

Language: Dakhani

Shyam Benegal is the one filmmaker in India who altogether changed the definition of cinema in this country. Post Satyajit Ray, Gurudutt and Raj Kapoor, he was the one man who made movies on his own conditions, the way he wanted to present the subject he liked. With his debut movie Ankur-the seedling, he brought revolution in the world of Hindi cinema.

Ankur starts with the story of a wealthy landlord’s son Surya(Anant Nag), who has just completed his graduation and is married forcibly to a girl of his father’s choice, named Saru(Priya Tendulkar) and then he is sent to the village nearby to start handling the village farm of his family. Surya’s father has a mistress also named Kaushalya and an illegitimate son as well. Surya heads towards village without his wife and there he meets Lakshmi(Shabana Azmi), a maid servant who is there to look after his house in the village. Lakshmi’s husband Kishtayya(Sadhu Meher) is a deaf and mute alcoholic and they are in extremely destitute condition. Since Surya’s wife Saru is not with him, he starts feeling frustrated(sexually of course) and start getting attracted to Lakshmi. One fateful day, when Kishtayya gets caught stealing toddy, he faces ignominy by Surya and depart secretly as is unable to face the humiliation. Now, Surya who started flirting with Lakshmi many days back gets success in his plan and they sleep together for a night.


Saru arrives few days later and she detests the presence of Lakshmi in her house because “Lakshmi was a dalit“; but the clear reason was the rumor that she had heard about her husband and Lakshmi. Meanwhile Lakshmi gets pregnant with Surya’s child and one day, Saru exiles Lakshmi from her house eventually in the name of pilfering. Many days later, Kishtayya returns with his alcoholic habit left behind and with money he had made somehow. Lakshmi gets dazed and feels extremely guilty as she thinks that she has betrayed her husband. Kishtayya in order to again start a job of riding bullock cart, approaches Surya and carries a stick in his hand. Surya under false impression thinks that Kishtayya is coming for a revenge and punishes him with a scourge. Lakshmi comes to defend her husband and curses Surya and then returns with her husband.


In the very last scene a child standing there witnessing all the drama there, throws a stone at the window glass of Surya’s house and movie ends there.

Ankur, basically has a very complex theme to deal with and one thing which enhances the beauty of this complexity is an adept direction of Shyam Benegal. Benegal has dealt with stratified theme here and has emerged victoriously. The basic subject which Ankur deals with is the exploitation of the proletariat by the property-owning parochial class, whether it is in terms of economic or sexual exploitation. But it would be a crime here not to notice the multifaceted subject of the film which has exposed the rampant social evils in the society.

  • Polyamory(of Surya’s father of keeping mistress).
  • Alcoholism, especially in the case of underprivileged section of the society.
  • Marriage at early age.
  • Sexual exploitation of women who belong to backward classes.
  • Uncontrolled behavior of rich towards poor.

Points mentioned above are clearly shown and magnificently woven in the story by Benegal.

Ankur not only marked the debut of Shyam Benegal but it was also the first release of Shabana Azmi and introduced Anant Nag to Hindi cinema.

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Anant Nag played the role of a young son of a landlord brilliantly. The role of Surya who is interested in further studies and not marriage and the frustration of being helpless in front of his father to raise his voice has been portrayed very realistically by him. His sexual urge which makes him approach Lakshmi for physical gratification and then spurning her like a coward has been played so well by Anant Nag that one can never imagine any other actor in that role no matter who that actor is. With his dynamic performances like this one, he is considered as one of the finest actors Kannada cinema has ever produced.


Shabana Azmi today needs no introduction but this movie came when she was a novice but with this very first movie, she boldly and beautifully made a statement how prolific actor she is. Role of a dalit Lakshmi who sleeps with her landlord and respects her husband a lot at the same time has been played by her very well. Not only her voice and dialogue delivery but the expressions and eye movements she made in this classic leaves the viewer spellbound. No wonder she bagged many national and other award in the later years of her career and still is considered as the first choice for “parallel cinema”.


Sadhu Meher who had done many movies earlier( a masterpiece and unforgettable classic like Bhuvan Shome) played the role of a deaf and mute alcoholic so well that we can’t ask him more. His role of absent or lost minded Kishtayya who steals toddy and is unafraid of the repercussions and the way he doesn’t pay heed to her wife’s warning of the probable consequences is something too difficult to play for any mediocre but he left no stone unturned and did his utmost to do the justice to his role and shows which league of superlative actors he is from.


Ankur also marked the debut of actor Priya Tendulkar(best known for her eponymous role in the television series Rajni) who later established herself as a fine and decent actor.

Coming to the direction, Shyam Benegal who taught at Film and Television Institute of India(FTII) for ten years before making his debut in movies shows how great his aesthetic sense is and that he has taught many super talented actors of our country. The sensitive and burning issues prevalent in the society are interwoven in the movie by him in a perfect manner. But one scene which stood out was the very last scene in which a small boy throws a stone at the glass window of the landlord’s house and runs away. This one scene speaks a lot. It symbolically indicates that the time has come to root out the hypocrisy and exploitation caused by the upper class and its a time for rebellion and no one is going to tolerate this tyranny anymore. This scene happens just after Lakshmi curses Surya and raises her voice against his cruelty. Similarly, the baby that she had wished for in the beginning was in her womb and it was the symbol of the new beginning…and hence….Ankur-the seedling.

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Ankur is a very important movie and has played a crucial role in changing the scenario of hindi cinema. It came at the time when commercial movies were the only movies that makers would make. With his first few movies like Ankur(1973), Nishant(1975), Bhumika(1977) and Manthan(1976), Benegal introduced a new genre in India called the “middle cinema”. Before Ankur, no one dared making a movie like Ankur which was so bold in nature and treatment alike. Benegal paved the way for the actors or makers who wished to be associated with something more realistic and not only dancing around trees in the name of cinema. He eventually did it and introduced to the world some magnificent actors the world had not seen by then and could probably not see without him, like Naseeruddin Shah,Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil and many more.

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Review by: Shekhar Srivastava.

8 Harry Potter spells we all wish we could use

Well who literally did not desire to enter the cryptic and phenomenal world of Harry Potter while watching or reading about it. We all definitely did. However there are spells and incantations as well from the extra-mundane potter-sphere which we all hope we could use in our “muggle-world”.
Let’s have a look at some of the spells from the mystical world of Harry that we wish were real.
Reparo– (Repairs broken things) – Oops I broke my glasses! Oh I’m sorry it’s me who broke that vase apart! Don’t worry! You won’t have to be so remorseful all those times once you would be a master of this “lucrative” incantation. Just spell Reparo and you’re done as It’s for repairing any broken object that we cast this spell on. It would be great using it, won’t it!
Accio– (Summons objects to the spell caster) – Imagine a lethargic day, you are completely exhausted post buckling down and can’t even have a coffee for yourself. Don’t worry! Just murmur Accio and whatever you wish to have in your grasp will come to you while you’ll be blinking your eye. Won’t that be a great thing if we all could “really” do? I just wonder how many times we would be using that for binge eating 😉
Confundus– (to confuse anyone) – You got that right! Yeah just that! Yeah yeah just that what you understood! Got confused? Well that’s what this spell does. Just cast it on anyone and leave the person baffling around. Don’t you think most of us would be using that once asked to submit a report to boss or professor? Wow… fascinating 😉
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Muffliato– (to fill someone’s ear with unknown buzzing ) – To all the gossip mongers, it would have been a boon to use this incantation. Just cast it on anyone you don’t want to hear you conversation and leave them with buzzing sounds in ear. Now pursue inexorable chat with your confidants and relish.
Alohomora– (to open locked doors) – In our busy schedules these days, it happens quite often that we leave our keys somewhere and then keep on struggling to unlock the locked doors. If only we could have this spell for real, we could open all the doors we wished to. Wait! Won’t that be a bit notorious keeping in mind the malevolent ones!
Episky– (to heal minor injuries) – Listlessness while even thinking of visiting a doctor for minor injuries or cold or flu could have been a thing of past if we could use this spell which is known to heal a minor injury or health worry. EPISKYYYY!!!  Don’t worry, was just testing if it could work on you all. 😉
Lumos–  (to produce flash of bright white light) – Now that’s what we really really want as albeit our phones come with torch but what if our phone itself goes missing? That happens quite recurrently with many of us. Just wonder how would it be to lighten up the ambience wherever we wanted with just an incantation. By the way, did you also imagine disco light effects with that?
Aguamenti– (to conjure jet of pure water) – While lack of fresh water is a serious issue all around globe, don’t you all think it would have been a blessing to produce fresh water with this water producing charm. Well I believe most of us would still be using it to get rid of going to the kitchen to get some water. Am I right?

Best laptops to buy currently 

Technology is ever-growing and innovation is ever-changing, so it is always better to watch out for what you are buying when it comes to a gadget like a laptop! So many brands, so many features…urghhhh. That might be the reaction of many of you before choosing a right laptop. Don’t worry. I bring you today the list of laptops which are a blend of features and performance. Check them out and I’m sure you would end up buying one.


It is undoubtedly one of the best Ultrabooks to look for. With 5th generation Intel core i7 processor, it comes with RAM of 8GB. Its screen resolution is 3200*1800p with 13.3 inch display and its six cell battery on board makes it provide a 12 hours of on time. With such features, US305LA-FB055T is one of the laptops you can definitely give a try and have a best use of any type. What’s your take?
Apple MacBook Air 13

A name that does not need any intro when it comes to technology and unrivalled features, MacBook Air 13 comes with Intel core i5 processor and has a confluence of 4 GB RAM and 256 PCIe based flash storage. One more thing which Apple makes perfectly is definitely the trackpads and keyboards in the laptop market and that is true in case of MacBook Air 13 as well. But you know what is best in it? It can be worked upon for 11 hours after one charge making it best with battery life and one of the best in market to go for. So what are you thinking?
Dell XPS 13

Stated by many gadget gurus to be the best laptop to buy this year, Dell XPS 13 has been appreciated all over the globe and has beautiful look and great features. Powered with 5th generation Intel core i5 processor, it can last up to 10 long hours or more after single charging. Isn’t that great? That definitely isn’t enough as its machined aluminum look with carbon fiber palm rest and a glass trackpad makes it really irresistible and tempts one to readily grab it. What you think about it?

HP Spectre 360

If the look can kill you, then HP Spectre 360 is what you are looking for. It is perfectly crafted, has slim profile and offers somewhat similar spec sheet to Dell XPS 13. With 13.3 inch screen and 2560*1440 pixel screen resolution, this laptop comes with latest generation hardware. But what is most striking and appealing about HP Spectre is that its display can be rotated to make it useable like a tablet as it comes with a flexible hinge. What is your take on this beautiful and advance gadget?

HP Envy 14-joo8tx

With HP Envy 14-joo8tx, HP has another of its laptop in the list of laptops to buy this year. This device by HP comes with 12 GB RAM and is powered with Intel core i7 processor. This one is also a boon for game freaks out there as it has Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M 4GB DDR3 GPU to handle the graphics which is compatible with most of the games. With 14 inch display, it is one of the best laptops to have this year.

So this was my list of best laptops you can grab currently which are best in terms of technology, features, looks and above all, performance. You can have a look and choose the best according to your need and usage. So buy your one among the best ones and don’t forget to share your opinions as to how you liked my views on laptops to buy this year.