Prithviraj Chauhan’s History

Prithviraj Chauhan is considered to be the last Hindu king of Delhi – though hemu was the one, but he ruled for just a few days so many don’t consider him.

Prithviraj Chauhan is not just an epitome or valour, courage, and nationalism amongst Indians but also one of the most kind hearted kings of India who exonerated Muhammad Ghori after defeating him in the first battle of Tarain in the year 1191 AD. Many versions say that he didn’t forgive Ghori just once but as many as 16, 20, 21 times and so on.
However, Ghori, when won the second battle of Tarain in the year 1192 AD, didn’t do the same. What happened to Prithviraj Chauhan is also shrouded in mystery.

Prithviraj Chauhan’s generosity which resulted in the second battle of Tarain not only made Ghori victorious but changed the history of the Indian subcontinent. Why? Because after Ghori’s winning, Islamic conquest of India commenced. Delhi sultanate’s first dynasty, slave dynasty established through Ghori’s slave Qutubuddin Aibak. Then came Mughals, and then, the English East India company.

But what exactly happened to Prithviraj Chauhan and how did the Prithviraj Chauhan vs Muhammad Ghori chapter shaped the future of India. Know all in detail in my latest video below.

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