Thin or fat! What is better?

Farah, 22 ,is a girl who is obese. She is quite active and plays badminton very well and walks every morning and evening. She eats healthily and doesn’t believe in dieting or starving. When asked by some of her friends, she said that she loves everything about her body and doesn’t think that she needs to starve and diet to change her body’s appearance. A classmate of Fatima, Vinita, 21, on the other hand is a girl with slender waist and slim appearance and is an aspiring model. She looks beautiful but she feels week almost all the time. She does not feel well and always seems to be very dull. Asked about her diet and fitness regime, she told that she doesn’t like playing any sport and keeps her body in shape by strict dieting and avoiding eating anything for hours or sometimes eats only once in a day

This is not the story of only these two girls but it is the very common phenomenon in the youngsters these days to starve to keep themselves in shape and look good. Actually the misconception in the minds these days that being slim means being fit and being fat means unfit is the reason behind this notion. Applying this ideology in life, we fail to realize that our body needs nutrients which make us fit and nourished and only then we can feel fit. If we do not get these nutrients or our body is not active in our diurnal activities then no matter how slim and slender we look or how beautiful our appearance is, we can never feel fit and fresh.



Being fit not only is related with our physical appearance but also how fresh and satisfied we feel with ourselves and how comfortable we are in our body. That is probably the reason why an obese girl feels fresh and healthy while a thin girl doesn’t even feel normally fresh and active in her daily activities in the real stories mentioned above. But this is only one side of the story, because being an obese or fat or not having control over what you eat cannot always help you to be healthy and being slim doesn’t always mean that you are weak or unfit or unhealthy. Our fitness is directly connected with the nutrients we get and the activities we get involved in. It correctly proves the famous quote that “it is better to be fat and fit than to be thin and dying” because metabolism being the main reason behind it, sometimes make a person fat even with less amount of food intake whereas this very same phenomenon makes some people maintain their slim and thin appearance with more food intake.

All that we can conclude from these factors involved in our fitness is that being fit and healthy should be our priority and not just our beautiful thin appearance. And to be fit and healthy we can afford to look fat rather than thin because that fat look would give us much satisfaction and joy in our life than the thin look we wish to get.


By-Shekhar Srivastava

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