Do we love fighting?

We talk about peace. We talk about cooperation; we talk about coexisting together with heartiness. But do we actually want it ? I doubt it. It seems that most of the times we just talk about it because we want peace and happiness in our lives at a moment or just to say it. I’ll share why I think so. Last night I was going trough my Facebook account  and just came across one post about the good physique of an actor. When i clicked the comment section I witnessed people fighting profusely. Users were fighting with each other by justifying other actor’s physique. After few minutes they wandered from the topic of actors’ physique to his religion and started calling god(of course they divided god by words like ‘yours’ and ‘ours’) by foul names. Eventually they went one step ahead and ended up using the most abusive words and language possible for each others mothers and sisters. And all for what? where did it all start? It was all discussed over a petty issue of an actor’s physique? If that’s not our inclination for fights(physically or verbally but  copiously) and if that’s not our natural foible to abuse someone’s mother and sister in a fight when we don’t even know them; then what is that? 

We blame politicians for provoking us to fight but do we ask for their consent before making such statements and commenting such things on social media? NO. Do we ask them before abusing god and each other’s mothers and sisters? NO. We do it because we like abusing others who belong to other communities and sections.It satiate our ego and the anger we have for system. But then what right do we have to blame others? We are abusing others and getting the same. We reap what we sow. If we really do not want to be abused and looked down upon by others in the world then the only thing is to give others what we accept from them. If a normal post about an actor is taking us to such an aggressive level then what are we heading towards and where does our future lie? The answer lies in our inner self and should be given by our conscience. To make any country better, its countrymen should rise above the shallow barriers made by some people wishing to divide them in the name of religion, cast or creed. If we really have that aggression; it should be used to bring peace and then to sustain it. If the tendency to fight is so high in us then it must be turned into a positive one; to bring peace. Thank you.


By-Shekhar Srivastava

A moment can change life…..

A moment can change our whole life. It has the power to turn our world upside down. Yes it is true. There are reasons innumerable which makes us take decisions in the heat of the moment. Out of anger and frustration, we sometimes take decision which only makes us repent later and sometimes for whole of our life. Vexation, annoyance, irritation, any weakness of character or any such feeling can work as a catalyst for us to make such hasty decisions in just one moment but what this decision of a moment resides for us in the womb of time is really dangerous and sometimes fatal . Even in some small conversations with people around us we sometimes say something spontaneous which not only makes us remorse over it later but also ruins our relationships with them or at least we end up upsetting or tormenting them. No matter how resentful we later are; or we may even apologize but till then we already distress people to an extreme extent. Also, most of the people think that we speak our mind on the spur of the moment when we are annoyed or disturbed or even angry; now that makes them take our words really seriously no matter how frivolous we were while uttering some gibberish words. These one moment decisions or statements have ruined many relationships in the past in almost everyone’s life and definitely will be doing the same in the future as well because it is what humans are born with; this  is our very innate foible characteristic. A very famous maxim says that we must think before speaking but that seems to be the thing of the past. In the stressful and extraordinarily busy life schedules today we rarely think twice before we speak when we are in fury. But all we can do is to give it a try; to try and think before we speak in such a manner to others especially if they are important to an extent that we cannot afford to lose them in our life. Also, it is very very important to think not only twice but as many times as it takes to convince our-self completely for a better and peaceful future before taking any important decision in life no matter how minor it is; because subsequently there is nothing we can do except crying. I hope it will bring some change not only in me but also in those who read this writing.Thank you.


By-Shekhar Srivastava